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But first, the vehicle itself: The concept car immediately announces itself as a departure from the commonplace. Its blue lights and gleaming black hood beckon you to drive this sporty SUV coupe into the future. Inside, a floating wide-screen display is as ergonomically functional as it is visually and emotionally seductive. Traditional knobs and switches have been replaced by intuitive touch-screen interfaces. The result is a fluidly comfortable and elegant space, highlighted with rose gold accents and complemented by ambient lighting that adjusts automatically to driver activity.

This sample also uses the AdSchedulerPlugin. It schedules three ads, a pre-roll ad, a mid-roll ad, and a post-roll ad. The URI to the VAST for each ad is specified in a element. <mmppf:MediaPlayer x:Name="player" Source="http:///samples/videos/"> <mmppf:> <ads:AdSchedulerPlugin> <ads:> <ads:PrerollAdvertisement> <ads:> <ads:RemoteAdSource Uri="http:///samples/win8/ads/vast_" Type="vast"/> </ads:> </ads:PrerollAdvertisement> <ads:MidrollAdvertisement Time="00:00:15"> <ads:> <ads:RemoteAdSource Uri="http:///samples/win8/ads/vast_" Type="vast"/> </ads:> </ads:MidrollAdvertisement> <ads:PostrollAdvertisement> <ads:> <ads:RemoteAdSource Uri="http:///samples/win8/ads/vast_" Type="vast"/> </ads:> </ads:PostrollAdvertisement> </ads:> </ads:AdSchedulerPlugin> <ads:AdHandlerPlugin/> </mmppf:> </mmppf:MediaPlayer> FreeWheelPage This sample uses the FreeWheelPlugin which specifies a Source attribute that specifies a URI that points to a SmartXML file that specifies ad content as well as ad scheduling information.

Ads eq 300

ads eq 300


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