Artificial testosterone

6.  Foods rich in vitamin D . If you’ve been thinking of increasing your testosterone levels, you better stock up on those mushrooms, salmon and milk. Clinical Endocrinology’s August 2010 issue published a study that was conducted by Austria’s Medical University Graz. According to the researchers, mushroom, salmon and dairy products are examples of food that are rich in Vitamin D. These researchers also found a relationship between Vitamin D and testosterone. Their study has shown that individuals with high levels of Vitamin D also had high testosterone levels. The obvious inverse relationship was true as well.  Click here for a convincing study on HUMAN BEINGS to back this up.

Ooo no, again bread is vilified. I have tried to avoid bread and gluten in general for about 3 years on and off. The only difference it does for me is making me depressed that I do not feel full after ingestion. Once I reintroduce bread, it is a gamechanger, it gives energy and prevents need to have snacks in between meals. I have redicilusly extensive experience on all types of diets for a variety of awful and terrible reasons, and in short, my verdict is I do not know how to live without wholemeal breads. Yes gluten is bad, yes grains are bad… Maybe one day I will sort it out.
Aside from that, all resonates with me. Keen on trying pine pollen.

Artificial testosterone

artificial testosterone


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