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Visualization :
Visualization can be used to achieve a variety of results. One simple visualization for general well-being and stress-reduction is to first quiet yourself and begin as you would in general meditation or focused breathing, then visualize yourself inhaling golden or white light/energy, and exhaling gray, stale, old energy. The white or golden light represents new, fresh, rejuvenating energy, while the gray energy represents any stress, unhappiness, worries, anger, or other negative emotions you may be holding inside you. This visualization is a great way to release the stress and tension of the day, and give yourself more energy. If you have a specific ailment you are trying to relieve yourself of, visualize the same white or golden energy surrounding the area of your body which is in need of healing. Focus on that white or golden light/energy healing and energizing that area of your body. Continue focusing this healing energy on the afflicted area of your body for whatever time period feels comfortable to you. Try to repeat this procedure daily or multiple times daily if you feel compelled to do so. As always, do what feels right for you.

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The project is expensive and relies on philanthropy. Vision To Learn pays about $100 per child in each community—this covers each area’s mobile clinic, eyeglasses, vision tests, directors’ oversight and optometry team. The mobile clinic alone costs around $115,000—$100,000 to buy and renovate the van and $15,000 for medical equipment. The nonprofit receives revenue from insurance reimbursement and private donations. Baltimore’s health department pays $250,000 annually in salaries for its three screeners and office staff. The research team meets their own costs from donations and grants.

Boosting free testosterone

boosting free testosterone


boosting free testosteroneboosting free testosteroneboosting free testosteroneboosting free testosteroneboosting free testosterone