Cycle of test and eq

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Easy-peasy! I'd never touched a EQ mount of any kind, and had it up and running in just a couple hours. I took my time assembling it, and looking it over, aligned the polar scope on a distant radio tower, in the daylight, and hauled it outside for a test drive. It worked amazingly well the first night, and continues to improve as my skill increases. One thing to add, that really helped me, is a piece of acetate sheet cut to fit between the mount head and tripod. I can leave the center bolt tight, and still have a nice, smooth AZ adjustment for polar alignment. (Thanks, Serge, for that one!) I am very happy I got the Pro version.

Cycle of test and eq

cycle of test and eq


cycle of test and eqcycle of test and eqcycle of test and eqcycle of test and eqcycle of test and eq