Dangers of testosterone therapy

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What we feed our newborn child is always a first concern of course. Nowadays however, some formula preparations contain soy in large quantities. A baby needs to have his hormones in the proper ratio to develop normally and a baby boy needs a lot of testosterone to form is sexual traits. Too much estrogen at this stage can cause failure to thrive, underdeveloped testicles and problems when puberty comes like gynecomastia, lack of facial hair and emasculation. It is said that the amount of estrogen-producing soy in some formula preparations could be the equivalent of consuming 5 birth control pills per day.

The spread of cancer cells is not the only potential risk associated with a biopsy, particularly for prostate patients. During a needle biopsy, a device is inserted into the rectum, and a needle is shot through the thin lining that separates the colon and the prostate. There are many tiny ducts in the prostate which are damaged each time the needle goes in. As a result, the ducts may become blocked with scar tissue and other matter, and this can inflame an existing infection, such as Prostatitis or BPH. Naturally, if you undergo more than one biopsy, the damage to the ducts is dramatically increased.

Dangers of testosterone therapy

dangers of testosterone therapy


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