Do women produce testosterone

Matt summed it up well.
MGTOW because:
- Fact #1 Women simply are not worth the massive legal RISK (never commit, NEVER)
- Fact #2 Women simply are not worth the social RISK (never interact in a public setting)(simply looking is not interacting)
- Fact #3 Women rarely, VERY-VERY rarely, deliver what Men want in a relationship. And even when they do: a) the hurdles, the hassles, the cost to men make interacting with Women not worth the effort. And b) even when women do “deliver”, it NEVER means they will continue to deliver, as women are masters of the “game” called duplicity. As the trap tightens, & the man is left with fewer and fewer options the woman leverages that to her favor & her own personal power & abuse of that power…. always at the man’s expense. Heck women can and often do leverage that power even at the expense of the Children !!! (women = total selfishness & duplicity)
- As a MGTOW living on the CA coast, I look all I want, & like what I see!! But, that doesn’t mean that even 5% of these entitled, over-privileged, self-centered brats are worth tolerating for more than 15 seconds.
- As a handsome, blonde, blue-eyed, well-built, MGTOW I observe some overt flirting & even some minor stalking (hey, it is a resort area, they come here for a “good time”). But I certainly NEVER feel the need to kowtow to their crappy “sht-tests” , which is the only thing that most women believe gives them “dignity”
- An overwhelmingly large percentage of women have little honor or honesty. They can not simply be themselves, as they are always “working a game”
- MGTOW, because western women are raised to be entitled, blame others for anything & everything, are not responsible (morally, financially, or even inter-personally), and as such expect the State to pass laws to protect women from men – protect women from Men behaving like (with the morals of) Women (which is what feminism demanded of men)

Milk thistle is great and supportive of a healing liver. Be careful on the “occasional cheating.” I know it’s tough not to EVER cheat. But right now, you have more than one condition going on so you have to really “eat clean” at least for the time being. You may not have bad news on the cholesterol – all these issues are often related but not one hundred percent of the time. Looks like your doctor is just being cautious, which is a good thing. Follower he advice and let us know how things go for you.

Do women produce testosterone

do women produce testosterone


do women produce testosteronedo women produce testosterone