Eq 2 berserker focus effects

Alternate Advancements are the best way to tailor your character to meet your
game needs. Picking which AAs are useful and which you can live without can be
quite the daunting task so we are here to lend you a hand. I have scoured the
web, asked all my friends, and researched AA abilities into the wee hours of the
morning to bring you these AA recommended specs. Use them as is, or make changes
to suit your personal playstyle either way you get a solid foundation in which
to build your perfect Warrior spec.

"Roughing it out" in EQ isn't like other MMOs. It is a battle of patience and endurance you are not going to win, especially if you go in with a modern mindset. The general philosophy in early EQ (and I mean the first 5 years or so) was "Why would you solo in an an MMO? If you want to solo play a singleplayer RPG". All content and gameplay was based around group play, and so you found a group and did the content or rolled a pet class. You get a group, you sit down at the pull spot, you grind out levels and hope for drops from the named mobs. Picking up quests and soloing for exp was not an option, and even though some classes (necro and mage primarily) were decent soloists, it was still pretty mind-numbingly dull. The fun was sitting around with friends and talking while the pulls came in, or working your way through a larger dungeon like Sol, Guk, Sebilis, etc.

Eq 2 berserker focus effects

eq 2 berserker focus effects


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