Eq 300 recipe

The vast majority of items in this table focus exclusively on recipes that are orange to you when crafting them, that is, they guarantee a skill point every time you craft such an item. This is done for the sake of determinateness. In some cases, in particular the [ Delicate Copper Wire ] , the [ Bronze Setting ] and the [ Thorium Setting ] , you will continue to craft these items even after the recipes turn yellow (representing a reduced chance that you will earn a skill point), as you will need the items in later recipes. In these cases, the "projected skill level" in the above chart has been calculated under the very cautious assumption that you will earn no skill points with recipes that have turned yellow. In practice, you will very likely continue to acquire more skill points from these recipes, which would allow you to do fewer of some of the harder recipes later on.

Eq 300 recipe

eq 300 recipe


eq 300 recipeeq 300 recipeeq 300 recipeeq 300 recipeeq 300 recipe