Eq.6 series 300 kaffeevollautomat

U,W v* vf3 v w x,y,z z bulk modulus, Eq. (1-84); duct pressure-drop parameter, Eq. ( 4-17 6); turbulence kinetic energy, Eq. (6-16); stagnation-point velocity gradient, Fig. 7-6 mean-free path (Chap. l); mixing length, Eq. (6-8) characteristic length slip length of a liquid, Eq. ( 1-89) mass; wedge-velocity exponent, Eq. (4-69) mass rate of flow molecular weight; moment, Eq. (3-190) normal to the wall; power-law exponent, Eq. (1-35) pressure effective pressure, p + pgz pressure gradient parameter, Eq. (3-42); duct perimeter heat-transfer rate per unit area; turbulence level, Eq. (5-43) heat; volume flow rate, Eq. (3-35) radial coordinate; recovery factor, Eq. (7-16) cylindrical polar coordinates, Eq. (2-63) spherical polar coordinates, Eq. (2-65) cylinder surface radius, Fig. 4-34 gas constant; body radius entropy Sutherland constant, Eq. (1-36); laminar shear parameter, Eq. (4-134); van Driest parameter, Eq. (7 -130) time temperature; percent turbulence, Eq. (5-43) wall heat-flux temperature, qw/(pcPv*); compressible-flow reference temperature, Eq. (7-42) surface tension coefficient Cartesian velocity components cylindrical polar velocity components turbulent velocity fluctuations wake velocity defect, Fig. 6-35c and Eq. (6-155) freestream velocity components wall-friction velocity, ( T ..,j p}-\,,)112 wake velocity, Eq. (6-137) velocity; also UjU0, Eq. (6-133) volume (Chap. 2) rate of work done on an element, Eq. (2-36) Cartesian coordinates gas compressibility factor, p/(pRT) boundary-layer shear stress stress tensor hypersonic interaction parameter, Eq. (7-86) dimensionless pressure gradient, Eq. (6-36); similarity variable, Eq. (7-19) vorticity; angular velocity; frequency molecular potential functions, Chap. 1 angular velocity heat-transfer coefficient, Eq. (3-14); ratio oT/o, Eq. (4-24)

Eq.6 series 300 kaffeevollautomat

eq.6 series 300 kaffeevollautomat


eq.6 series 300 kaffeevollautomateq.6 series 300 kaffeevollautomateq.6 series 300 kaffeevollautomateq.6 series 300 kaffeevollautomateq.6 series 300 kaffeevollautomat