Eq tailoring 300

Halas, any class
On the second floor of the Halas bank, hail Cappi McTarnigal. He will ask if you're a member of the White Rose - tell him you are. He will ask you for mammoth calf hides but at the same time his fellow trainer, Vsanna MacGibbons, mentions gnoll fur. Ignore Cappi after this. Ask Vsanna "What gnoll fur", and she tells you to take four patches of gnoll fur and sew them together, then take four of this product and sew them together, and finally take four of that and sew them together. Yes, that's right, a total of 64 patches of gnoll fur are required. This creates the Patched Gnoll Fur Bundle, which you can either turn into Vsanna for the Fang of the Wolf, or keep it to wear - the bundle serves as a cloak, AC 4, SvCold 5, Wt , wearable by all.

Eq tailoring 300

eq tailoring 300


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