Equipoise meaning in hindi

The ways these two aspects of meditation are practised is that one begins with the practice of shamatha ; on the basis of that, it becomes possible to practice vipashyana or lhagthong . Through one's practice of vipashyana being based on and carried on in the midst of shamatha , one eventually ends up practicing a unification [ yuganaddha ] of shamatha and vipashyana . The unification leads to a very clear and direct experience of the nature of all things. This brings one very close to what is called the absolute truth. [39]

Btw, that “thorough generational shift” of which Baer speaks may only appear “thorough” from inside the silo of academic theory. Most of the young people I know (say, my daughter’s age — mid-20s to mid-30s) are still “Enlightenment” thinkers in practice — don’t assume anyone is a racist or sexist, treat everyone by the same rules, regardless of demographics, etc. Some have been academically trained into identity politics, but it hardly looks like a “thorough generational shift” once you leave the re-education silo. Maybe Timothy Leary’s corrective is still the right one: Drop out, turn on, tune in 🙂

Equipoise meaning in hindi

equipoise meaning in hindi


equipoise meaning in hindiequipoise meaning in hindiequipoise meaning in hindiequipoise meaning in hindiequipoise meaning in hindi