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Our agency loves working with Elisa and Equipoise Accounting & Finance Professionals, LLC!  Three years ago our agency found ourselves in a bind when our bookkeeper quit without notice.  The call we made to EQP was a blessing.  They stepped in and dug us out of a mess.  They are a very professional group to work with and have made our lives so much easier.  Their knowledge and confidentiality is refreshing.  Elisa is always willing to lend a helping hand when we mess up!  I couldn’t make it through year end without them!!  I wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle our books.

Harding's success as an editor took a toll on his health. Five times between 1889 (when he was 23) and 1901, he spent time at the Battle Creek Sanitorium for reasons Sinclair described as "fatigue, overstrain, and nervous illnesses". [29] Dean ties these visits to early occurrences of the heart ailment that would kill Harding in 1923. During one such absence from Marion, in 1894, the Star' s business manager quit. Florence Harding took his place. She became her husband's top assistant at the Star on the business side, maintaining her role until the Hardings moved to Washington in 1915. Her assistance and competence allowed Warren Harding to travel to make speeches (his use of the free railroad pass increased greatly after his marriage). [30] Florence Harding made sure no cents escaped her—sometimes sending Warren to the bank with a gallon ( l) bucket full in each hand [25] —and wrote of her husband, "he does well when he listens to me and poorly when he does not." [31]

Equipoise nevada iowa

equipoise nevada iowa