Females taking testosterone

Hi I’m suffer from major hair loss since having my 2 year old. I was on dianette contraception which is an androgen blocker and helped with my acne for 15 years. The only time I came off it was to have my children but I alway went back on it after. Third child round I decided I didn’t want to go back on the pill and my hair and skin have suffered drastically, not to mention my mood. I didn’t think it was testosterone or pcos as I have very little body hair too. I heard shatavari was good as well as mint tea and evening primrose oil and cod liver oil. As well as I high quality supplement. Is there anything else you can advise? I can’t afford any of my local natropaths and I’m very close to just going back on the pill as the hair loss is very depressing. Any advice greatly received please

Genital warts are benign, flesh-coloured growths that are most often caused by certain "low-risk" types of HPV. Genital warts most commonly appear on the external genitals or near the anus of females and males. Less commonly, genital warts can also appear inside the vagina and on the cervix. Genital warts may cause symptoms such as burning, itching and pain. Up to 90% of genital warts cases are due to infection with "low-risk" HPV types 6 and 11. These are different to the "high-risk" types that can cause cervical cancer.

While men and women both produce estrogen, its production is much greater in females. Many women have more lupus symptoms before menstrual periods and/or during pregnancy when estrogen production is high. This may indicate that estrogen somehow regulates the severity of lupus. However, no causal effect has been proven between estrogen, or any other hormone, and lupus. And, studies of women with lupus taking estrogen in either birth control pills or as postmenopausal therapy have shown no increase in significant disease activity. Researchers are now focusing on differences between men and women, beyond hormone levels, which may account for why women are more prone to lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

Females taking testosterone

females taking testosterone


females taking testosteronefemales taking testosteronefemales taking testosteronefemales taking testosteronefemales taking testosterone