Guitar eq effects loop

Some great IR's by Redwirez are available for free at their website as some kind of 25th anniversary thing, and if you use windows you can use VSThost as your "DAW" although all it does is host plugins. It's great because it loads so much quicker than a full DAW and doesn't have all the tricky options that just distract you from playing guitar. Like a real amp, it's plug-n-play (after setting it up, of course--- you'll want to set the sample rate to 192khz so that you can get ~8000 samples a sec with oversampling at 4x on each plugin). It can record, too, so it's a really easy, simple solution. Of course, you'll need a real DAW to mix and master.

Bass guitar is an amazingly versatile instrument. You can get so many different sounds just by manipulating the way you play. But once in a while you have a song that is crying out for something unusual. Sometimes the difference between a decent tune and a truly great song is an unexpected texture applied just so in the mix. This is where having a number of bass effects at your disposal can put you over the top. Whether you want to get spacey, sparkly, or downright gnarly, it’s time to explore effects pedals for bass guitar. Sweetwater carries an incredible variety of pedals made by the top bass effects boutique pedal makers.

Check out our selection of multi-effect units. These pedals bring together awesome tone shaping features like parametric EQ, compression, gain and distortion. You have options like synth tones, delays, wahs, downloadable amp emulations, and savable presets. Topped off with a range of output options like buffered XLR and DI, stereo, and headphones, plus expression pedal inputs, these multi-effect pedals are the ultimate in tonal manipulation.

A close cousin of the multi-effect unit are feature-rich preamps and bass drivers. These have become incredibly popular and for good reason: the range of tones you can generate is incredible. Try running one of these in front of your amp, or let it shine in recording situations with the DI going directly into the mixing board. With precision parametric EQ options you can really shape your mids. The bass drivers with amp and speaker emulations have taken tone building into the stratosphere.

Of course, we also carry "specialist" effect pedals that do one thing really well. Browse our huge selection of excellent distortions, overdrives and fuzz units. It seems almost impossible to play bass without dedicated compressor and EQ in the chain, especially if you mix genres in your set and need to quickly dial in the appropriate sound. Your choices include both analog and digital, with true bypass and a variety of input and output options.

There's an endless selection of new and novel bass guitar pedal effects to choose from; it’s easy to find yourself discovering ten new sounds that you can’t live without! If you need help deciding, start by focusing on what type of effect you are after, and then give our Sales Engineers a call. We’re happy to talk bass effects with you, and help point you at options to cover your needs as well as several of your wants.

The Empress Effects ParaEq w/ Boost looks like a great device and I’m sure that the sound is excellent - meaning that the original sound will prevail ... But I do not understand the comparison with a recording studio equaliser, for the simple reason that it just haven’t got enough bands. It of course depends on what your needs are, but as an acoustic guitar player (I don’t need EQ on my electric guitar) where the mid-tone areas can be tricky, it just isn’t enough with one single band (even though that it is parametric). If you for instance want to lower a troublesome frequency at lets say around 450 Hz, but at the same time want increase the mid-tone area around - let’s say 820 Hz - then this pedal won’t do the job…. not as I see it?
As I work with more than one guitar on stage the Source Audio looks ideal to me, but unfortunately it isn’t parametric - so a parametric EQ with 6-7 independent adjustment areas would be amazing…
So I guess that I maybe have to look for a small mixer…?
Any suggestions?

Guitar eq effects loop

guitar eq effects loop


guitar eq effects loopguitar eq effects loopguitar eq effects loopguitar eq effects loopguitar eq effects loop