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Patients demonstrate a 20% to 30% natural pregnancy rate after TURED. Men treated for either complete or partial EDO are equally likely to show improvements in semen quality after TURED. Obstruction due to cysts responds better to TURED than that due to calcification. Long-term relief of postcoital and perineal pain after TURED can be expected in 60% of patients. While hematospermia has been effectively treated with TURED, this literature remains anecdotal. Complications from TURED occur in 10- 20% of cases and include watery ejaculate, blood in the urine, epididymitis and, rarely, incontinence or rectal perforation. Epididymitis and “watery” ejaculate occur less frequently, but typically are a cause of greater concern. The patient should understand several possible alternative outcomes from TURED surgery. Four percent of patients treated for partial EDO may become azoospermic after TURED, presumably from scar formation. It may be prudent to advise sperm banking before TURED in this instance.

In the long-term study in subjects with schizoaffective disorder, the EPS during the 25-week open-label INVEGA SUSTENNA® treatment were hyperkinesia (%), parkinsonism (%), tremor (%), dyskinesia (%), and dystonia (%). During the 15-month double-blind treatment, the incidence of any EPS was similar to that of the placebo group (% and % respectively). The most commonly reported treatment-emergent EPS-related adverse events ( > 2%) in any treatment group in the double-blind phase of the study (INVEGA SUSTENNA® versus placebo) were hyperkinesia (% vs. %), parkinsonism (% vs. %), and tremor (% vs. %).

Haldol im needle size

haldol im needle size


haldol im needle sizehaldol im needle sizehaldol im needle sizehaldol im needle sizehaldol im needle size