Haldol mode d action

However, if your patient is on a regular nursing floor, then these leads hook up to a small box, which sits in the patient’s gown pocket.  The information is wirelessly transmitted to the screens at the nurses station, and also typically another floor as well.  Many facilities have a telemetry unit, which houses a bunch of telemetry technicians.  They are trained in reading cardiac monitoring, monitor many patients at a time and routinely go through each patient’s reading and ensure it hasn’t changed.  They communicate with nurses on the floor regularly to let them know if a patient’s rhythm has changed, or if the patient has come off of the monitor.  This is important because the nurse it taking care of all of his or her patients all day and not sitting at the desk, looking at the monitor.  

Haldol mode d action

haldol mode d action


haldol mode d actionhaldol mode d actionhaldol mode d actionhaldol mode d action