How to know if low testosterone

I've also be on TRT since last February (was 224), going from patches to stronger patches, to shots – from tri-weekly to bi-weekly to weekly. When they did the more thorough check of my thyroid a few weeks ago, they also checked estradiol. It's @ 47 pg/ml, range <=53. My Dr. says this in the normal range, my endo says this is fine, I went to a TRT specialist and they say it's too high, but I don't feel comfortable switching to them. I have had problems with my fingers and knees swelling for no apparent reason that comes and goes.

Made these today. Closest thing to grain bread I’ve come across yet. I didn’t stick to the recipe entirely as I didn’t have sunflower seeds & don’t think I quite had 1/2 cup of sour cream. Used 1 tbsp of coconut flour & some ground golden flaxseed as well as the tbsp of whole flaxseed in place of the sunflower seeds. Made two in a couple of small springform tins and they cooked beautifully. Taste was lovely. They were quite dense and filling. One half with some salad on it filled me up. Will make according to the recipe next time just to compare. Thank you so much for the recipe. Will definitely be my go to bread recipe.

A 30-d course of oral administration of a semipurified extract of the root of Withania somnifera consisting predominantly of withanolides and withanosides reversed behavioral deficits, plaque pathology, accumulation of β-amyloid peptides (Aβ) and oligomers in the brains of middle-aged and old APP/PS1 Alzheimer's disease transgenic mice. It was similarly effective in reversing behavioral deficits and plaque load in APPSwInd mice (line J20). The temporal sequence involved an increase in plasma Aβ and a decrease in brain Aβ monomer after 7 d, indicating increased transport of Aβ from the brain to the periphery. Enhanced expression of low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP) in brain microvessels and the Aβ-degrading protease neprilysin (NEP) occurred 14-21 d after a substantial decrease in brain Aβ levels. However, significant increase in liver LRP and NEP occurred much earlier, at 7 d, and were accompanied by a rise in plasma sLRP, a peripheral sink for brain Aβ. In WT mice, the extract induced liver, but not brain, LRP and NEP and decreased plasma and brain Aβ, indicating that increase in liver LRP and sLRP occurring independent of Aβ concentration could result in clearance of Aβ. Selective down-regulation of liver LRP, but not NEP, abrogated the therapeutic effects of the extract. The remarkable therapeutic effect of W. somnifera mediated through up-regulation of liver LRP indicates that targeting the periphery offers a unique mechanism for Aβ clearance and reverses the behavioral deficits and pathology seen in Alzheimer's disease models.

How to know if low testosterone

how to know if low testosterone


how to know if low testosteronehow to know if low testosteronehow to know if low testosteronehow to know if low testosteronehow to know if low testosterone