Low testoserone

For both men and women, an alternative to testosterone replacement is low-dose clomifene treatment, which can stimulate the body to naturally increase hormone levels while avoiding infertility and other side effects that can result from direct hormone replacement therapy. [17] This therapy has only been shown helpful for men with secondary hypogonadism. Recent studies have shown it can be safe and effective monotherapy for up to 2 years in patients with intact testicular function and impaired function of the HPTA( http:///ijir/journal/v15/n3/full/ ). Clomifene blocks estrogen from binding to some estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus, thereby causing an increased release gNRH and subsequently LH from the pituitary. Clomifene is a Selective Estrogen Reuptake Modulator (SERM). Generally clomifene does not have adverse effects at the doses used for this purpose. Clomifene at much higher doses is used to induce ovulation and has significant adverse effects in such a setting.

My wife had 2 miscarriages one In July and another in November. Since she has been very depressed and mean. And of course every doctor wants her to be on antidepressants. And that’s actually made it worse. She is actually the best the few days before her period. And during her period. She is very negative about life wanting to leave because she isn’t happy. We have 3 children already and after the first I could tell she was different after each one was born. Kept getting more moody. We recently had her hormones check and her estrogen is 16 times higher the her progesterone. She is supposed to start the progesterone cream after her next period. Will it help? And will the happiness Come with that. And do you have any other advice for husbands. I just want my wife back.

Low testoserone

low testoserone


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