Low testosterone treatment

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For both men and women, an alternative to testosterone replacement is low-dose clomifene treatment, which can stimulate the body to naturally increase hormone levels while avoiding infertility and other side effects that can result from direct hormone replacement therapy. [17] This therapy has only been shown helpful for men with secondary hypogonadism. Recent studies have shown it can be safe and effective monotherapy for up to 2 years in patients with intact testicular function and impaired function of the HPTA( http:///ijir/journal/v15/n3/full/ ). Clomifene blocks estrogen from binding to some estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus, thereby causing an increased release gNRH and subsequently LH from the pituitary. Clomifene is a Selective Estrogen Reuptake Modulator (SERM). Generally clomifene does not have adverse effects at the doses used for this purpose. Clomifene at much higher doses is used to induce ovulation and has significant adverse effects in such a setting.

Men passed the age limit of 45 often acquire a certain set of diseases. More than 50% of the carriers of the Y chromosome (men) of this age group have a weakening male power, in medical language – erectile dysfunction as one of the main symptoms of low testosterone in men over 45. Potency is affected by many different factors – nutrition, stress, irregular sexual life or promiscuity, bad habits, and more. Another disease that often occurs in men in this age category is prostatitis – an inflammation of the prostate. The causes of this disease are in the same area as erectile weakness. In addition to sexual ailments, the men aged 45 face the threatening problems with the cardiovascular system – stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, and so on.

Low testosterone treatment

low testosterone treatment


low testosterone treatmentlow testosterone treatmentlow testosterone treatmentlow testosterone treatmentlow testosterone treatment