Hi Mike, I’m going to be working long hours this summer as a carpenter trimming platforms and painting them(can be very taxing and sweat is involved), and I was thinking of trying Intermittent Fasting to lose some stubborn fat that I have had around my waist for quite some time, is it ok to do IF along with my work days and treat the work as cardio? the main thing that is on my mind is that working in a fasted state could cause catabolism, and make me lose the muscle that I have built up so far. What is your opinion? and do you have any tips of losing the stubborn fat while keeping most of the muscle?

I’ve been experiencing loss of sensation in my legs and feet for a period of over ten years. When I first came here I was numb from the knees down. I was so numb at one point that I stepped on a burning piece of plastic and burnt a quarter-inch wound on the bottom of my foot and never even knew it until I felt the blister with my hands four days later. I also couldn’t feel hot or cold, but now I can. I can also now feel the bottoms of feet all the way to my toes. I have still have some improving to do, but I am very happy with the results I’ve gotten so far. And, they don’t give up on you here…they keep going!