Pregnyl for men

Summary: While Pregnyl alone is not an effective plan for either bulking and cutting or for post cycle therapy, when used together with other medications it can help reverse some of the negative effects of other steroids and help ease the body back into normal function after a heavy or prolonged cycle. Pregnyl is not safe enough to use for every cycle, but the effects will be the most noticeable for bodybuilders who are running on an advanced cycle. While Pregnyl can cause or exacerbate high estrogen levels and gynecomastia, using it in combination with the right supplements can balance this effect. Pregnyl is one of the most effective ways to boost natural testosterone production back to normal levels in the crucial bridging period between the end of a cycle and the beginning of post cycle therapy. We advice against the usage of this product.

If your ovaries have been excessively stimulated by an FSH-containing preparation and Pregnyl is given, it may lead to unwanted overstimulation of the ovaries. This condition (also called OHSS) can become very serious, but the risk can be minimised by careful monitoring of egg cell development during treatment. The first symptoms of ovarian overstimulation may be noticed as pain in the stomach (abdomen), feeling sick (nausea) or diarrhoea. In more severe cases symptoms may include enlargement of the ovaries, accumulation of fluid in the abdomen and/or chest, weight gain and the occurrence of blood clots in the circulation.

Pregnyl for men

pregnyl for men


pregnyl for menpregnyl for menpregnyl for menpregnyl for menpregnyl for men