Test e and eq cycle before and after

Thank you so much for all your help! I just took the LEED NC exam this afternoon after studying for 1 month on my own, using just the reference guide, my own notes (I’m an obsessive-compulsive note taker), and your website – no classes, workshops or sample exams – and passed! I got a 184, which I am very happy with already. Was a bit nervous because I took no sample exams nor any background in building design or construction, but in the end all the hard work paid off! Thanks again for the terrific help. Such a great feeling! =)

Easy-peasy! I'd never touched a EQ mount of any kind, and had it up and running in just a couple hours. I took my time assembling it, and looking it over, aligned the polar scope on a distant radio tower, in the daylight, and hauled it outside for a test drive. It worked amazingly well the first night, and continues to improve as my skill increases. One thing to add, that really helped me, is a piece of acetate sheet cut to fit between the mount head and tripod. I can leave the center bolt tight, and still have a nice, smooth AZ adjustment for polar alignment. (Thanks, Serge, for that one!) I am very happy I got the Pro version.

The way that I describe emotions, especially to those that are more analytical, is that emotions are data. We have emotions constantly in every interaction, both intellectual and interpersonal. Using that data to inform how we will respond (vs. react) can unlock the roadblocks we constantly find ourselves up against. The secret, in my experience, is that we have to apply this, all of this, to ourselves before we can apply it outward. We cannot give something we do not possess. The gift is it is not a linear process, my experience has been that as you apply these principles to yourself, they naturally become a part of how we interact with others. It is a mindset, a practice, and takes mindfulness and self awareness. Overtime it becomes closer to a habit as we stengthen that muscle. Like exercise, it’s not always easy or fun but always yields results.

Test e and eq cycle before and after

test e and eq cycle before and after


test e and eq cycle before and aftertest e and eq cycle before and aftertest e and eq cycle before and aftertest e and eq cycle before and aftertest e and eq cycle before and after