Test eq tren mast cycle

I know X has had some rough patches last year, but the guy came through for everyone, and I never had any issue during that time period, so I trust the guy and will keep going back until he gives me a reason not to. Commo and transit time take a little while, but guess what folks, buying steroids online isnt fucking amazon dot com. You arent gunna get your shit in 3 days. Be patient. It will come. Almost all of my packs from X have come in the 6-10 business day window. Plan accordingly. I am ordering some more of this amazing Zyklon tren from him next week.

rutabega wrote:
IMO HCG should be a must in any cycle. I wouldn't have it part of my pct though. The use of it is to keep the boys going on cycle so that they dont shrink, or to stimulate them and get them ready for pct. During your cycle you could use 250iu 2x week or a bit more but i think this is the standard dosage though starting 3 weeks into your cycle and having your last shot 3 days before PCt begins. I may be a little off on this but there are many threads that have this info you are looking for. And for your Nolva and clomid situation if clomid works better just use it haha.

Test eq tren mast cycle

test eq tren mast cycle


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