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I like the angle of this, in that it identifies a limit for tolerance: harm to others. But i would put it at a much lower level: ignorance. There is no reason why we must to tolerate the perpetuation of ignorance. It is an act of spinelessness to abandon those values we hold most dearly (gender equality) in order to defend cultures that differ from us on those values. Likewise, you can attack a particular aspect of a culture without attack the culture itself. But at a certain point, one has to back up ones beliefs with conviction. There is no room for cultural relativism when it comes to civil rights. Call a spade a spade: these patriarchal attitudes are backwards. They are not part of our world’s cultural diversity; they are a plague which threatens to destroy it. If we are to live in a more peaceful world, it will not be because western cultures have learned to tolerate Islamic attitudes towards women, it will be because Islamic attitudes towards women will have shed the fundamentalist bull.

Hey Fezz. I would like to ask you couple of questions. Have you gained any weight on you since you noticed your problem? It might be related to that. Also, I think that two to three times a day is considered as overmasturbation but there aren't any serious masturbation side effects . I think that your problem may be related to overmasturbation and that you should try stopping for a while, like for a week or two. That would be great for your body because it would've given your body time to produce enough semen. Lay off for 10-15 days and believe me, it will go back to normal. 

Hagen et al. addressed this very question in a recent issue of the journal Fertility and Sterility (Low concentration of circulating antimullerian hormone is not predictive of reduced fecundability in young healthy women: a prospective cohort study Fertil Steril 2012; 98:1602-8). They followed a total of 186 young Danish couples that intended to discontinue contraception to become pregnant until they conceived or for six menstrual cycles. They calculated the fecundability ratio (FR) (., the monthly probability of conceiving) and time to pregnancy (TTP) was measured as the number of cycles from stopping birth control to pregnancy. They measured AMH levels and anticipated that those with low AMH levels would have a low FR and take longer to conceive. AMH levels were measured and were divided into 3 groups low (quintile 1), medium (quintile 2 -4) and high (quintile 5). The results are interesting.

Testesterone level

testesterone level


testesterone leveltestesterone leveltestesterone leveltestesterone leveltestesterone level