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For about 3 days I had some sleep issues felt like excessive coffee buzz. I hit the Schwinn airdyne for a half hour every night and after a month bumped up to an hour. It’s working but no more than you give it in work outs. It does boost energy and the ability to build faster if you work out. Nothing is free. Can’t sat on your ase and expect it to help you. Of course, if your jerking off 25 time a day you don’t have time to work out. Lol I did notice some lower bowel issue just a strangeness feeling but unremarkable. Cut back on meats, which I eat only fish and pasta and lentils no meats and the high protein diet may be the cause. Need the carbs. it helps the energy boost.

Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng) In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Korean ginseng was used as a reproductive tonic and aphrodisiac. It was used for promoting sexual function and stamina in both males and females. It was considered the most potent energy tonic and was used to improve the body’s resistance to stress and fatigue. Korean ginseng may help the body adapt to physical and mental stressors and may help provide support for the adrenal gland. It may help promote an overall improvement in physical and mental performances /capabilities, assisting in balancing and supporting healthy physiology and function. Korean ginseng may help improve overall quality of life and general wellbeing. It may act as a restorative agent to assist with weakness, exhaustion and tiredness, helping to increase vitality, stamina and energy. Korean ginseng may also assist with immunity and help to increase memory and concentration.

Testofen canada

testofen canada


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