Testosterone enhancers

The partition coefficient of the ester in question is important because is effects how long the drug itself stays in the system. If the testosterone transfers too quickly from the oil to the blood, the result is a sudden spike in testosterone which then rapidly drops once the dose has been used up. In the example of free testosterone injected into the muscle from a water suspension (as in Aquiviron, mentioned above), the testosterone is essentially immediately available to the bloodstream due to its low partition coefficient, and thus there is an immediate spike of testosterone which is used up quickly in the body.

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Testosterone enhancer supplements are often useful for women with a testosterone deficiency due to early ovarian failure, menopause, women who have undergone surgical removal of the ovaries due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or suffer from premenopausal bone loss associated with low testosterone. However, it must be understood that before even considering using testosterone enhancer supplements, one should seek the opinion of a qualified health professional. For more information about some alternate testosterone enhancer treatments click here.

Testosterone enhancers

testosterone enhancers


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