Tone stack eq pedal

Hi Kyle, Just wanted to say that I am absolutely in awe at the sound I’m getting with this Secret Preamp™. My original Fulltone 69 fuzz pedal is one of those love it or hate it pedals and as much as I like the sound of fuzz, I always struggled with finding that sweet spot with my rig. After running it through the Secret Preamp™, it sounded fuller, livelier and totally tamed that harsh hairiness of the fuzz. And this is just through my practice amp. I’m really excited to try it through my main amp (AC30) and with other pedals. It has gotten me to fall in love with the fuzz again. Thanks again for building an awesome pedal and can’t wait to incorporate it into my new board. -Thanks! John

A home or bedroom setup require a different approach than when you’re playing with a band and/or on a stage. Trying to replicate David’s, or any other guitarist’s, huge stage setup with a Vox Cube or a Laney Cub, will probably drive you mad from having tried all sorts of settings and pedals that just won’t sound right. We’ll talk more about this in the next part of this feature but is essence you should try to keep it simple. It is much better to buy a 5w tube combo, cranking it and placing a delay in the effects loop rather than trying to force a whole pedal board into an amp that just can’t handle it. It’s not the pedals alone that create David’s unique tone. Without his hands, guitar and not least his amps, the pedals would be quite redundant.

Tone stack eq pedal

tone stack eq pedal


tone stack eq pedaltone stack eq pedaltone stack eq pedaltone stack eq pedaltone stack eq pedal