Undecylenic acid capsules

Iodine is an excellent fungicide and has a special affinity for mucous membranes which are also an attractive hiding place for fungi. I preferred to start the systemic therapy with Lugol's solution. However, due to pressure from health authorities it is now difficult to obtain, but there can also be genuine problems for individuals with goitre, overactive thyroid, and when on thyroid and heart medication. Therefore I now recommend Lugol’s only temporarily up to about 6 drops/day for specific problems or for a maintenance dose of about 1-2 drops daily. 

The microencapsulation and dissolution of undecenovanillylamide (I), a potential coyote-aversive agent for use on sheep, were studied. While I has been shown to protect sheep, its short duration of action makes it economically unfeasible. Compound I microcapsules were prepared, and optimum conditions for encapsulation via complex coacervation were determined. Microcapsules that were hardened for , 1, and 2 hr, as well as I powder, were characterized according to their dissolution. Longer hardening times resulted in slower release, with all encapsulated I forms being released slower than the powder. The dissolution t50 for unencapsulated powder was less than 3 min; for microcapsules hardened for 30 min, the dissolution t50 was min; for those hardened 60 min, the t50 was min; and for those hardened 120 min, the t50 was 28 min. The encapsulated I would have a longer field life and, therefore, might be a viable economic and ecologic answer to coyote protection for sheep.

Undecylenic acid capsules

undecylenic acid capsules


undecylenic acid capsulesundecylenic acid capsulesundecylenic acid capsulesundecylenic acid capsulesundecylenic acid capsules