What causes low testerone levels

Nobody with any sense still thinks fat is bad, but that doesn’t mean that Taubes makes any sense. Much sillier to declare that calories are irrelevant, which you have backed off from in the comments, but is still all over your post. I lost and kept off 60 pounds, and still eat plenty of carbs. Beans, grains, fruit, yummy. I avoid deep fried, and highly processed, which is almost all bread, sweets, juice, soda. I’m glad my high-carb low-junk, moderate-fat way of eating woks so well, as I dislike meat and feel like crap without grains.

I’m 25 and I haven’t had my menstrual cycle in about 4 months. So I went to my doctor yesterday who did some labs and the only abnormality was my testosterone level which was low at a 28. I had no idea. I’ve been experiencing extreme fatigue, difficulty with weight loss, depression and no libido. Knock on wood I don’t also get the hair loss.
My doctor didn’t really say anything about it other then giving me a pill to try for 7 days to see if I get my menstrual cycle.
Should I be worried? What should I do?
Someone mentioned protein, does that help?

Hi Barbara, I don’t know Deborah and Clive, but it’s definitely worth asking.
As for your supplements, I would never recommend that number of things to a patient. I prefer to target with a good quality magnesium, and also to identify — if possible–the underlying cause of the headaches. I did not go into that amount of detail in my book… For example, have you considered histamine intolerance as a cause of your headaches. Please see my post The Curious Link Between Estrogen and Histamine Intolerance . Treatment is a low histamine diet and vitamin B6.

What causes low testerone levels

what causes low testerone levels


what causes low testerone levelswhat causes low testerone levelswhat causes low testerone levelswhat causes low testerone levelswhat causes low testerone levels